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Application Instructions

The initial interview/application will be done solely through e-mail

  • Please submit a biographical sketch, telling us specifically about each point below:
    1. about you as a person
    2. your professional/work experience
    3. how you got into the dental field, or why you would like to
    4. a professional accomplishment you are most proud of
    5. a life experience that had a major impact on your goals

As you may have noticed, this is not your average job or job application

  • Also, please let us know:
    1. why you are specifically interested  in  this  position, and
    2. what specific strengths  you have to offer
  • Please provide contact information, including day (if possible) and evening phone numbers
  • If you have questions about the position before applying, please follow the instructions below
  • Please send all responses to:


         addressed to Ellen Connors


All items above must be addressed. Incomplete applications will not be considered

We promise to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, if received Mon - Thurs, and all inquiries are completely confidential.

Thank you for your interest.